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When most people think of family law, they think about divorce and the legal complications it brings. Our family law practice is much more than divorce ... we have helped hundreds of families with prenuptial agreements, child custody and support issues and paternity suits. Family law is a broad area of law dealing primarily with issues that arise when spouses separate. The spouses may be married or common-law.

Winchell & Jones law attorneys understand that most family law issues arise at a time of personal crisis or intense emotions. With many years of experience in Louisiana family law, our lawyers possess both the expertise and the compassion to help you through difficult times and help you make solid decisions about the future of your family. We understand that life is always changing. It is never going to be set in stone. The need to modify an existing court order may be necessary for a wide variety of reasons. If you are interested in revisiting prior child support, child custody or alimony agreements, we can help.


There are various legal options available for spouses who have separated (or are about to separate). The appropriate options depend on the circumstances and the parties involved. A separation agreement might be negotiated through the lawyers for each side, by the parties directly, through Collaborative Law or through some form of private mediation. If issues can’t be resolved through an agreement, they may need to be resolved through the Courts or through arbitration (a form of private mediation).


A lawyer can discuss the implications of your decision, should you decide to separate from your spouse. If you have already separated from your spouse or from the parent of your child(ren), you should consult a family lawyer. They can help you fully understand your rights and obligations, as a result of the marriage or relationship. If you are considering marriage or cohabitation, a family lawyer can provide you with advice regarding a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement.

You should feel comfortable with and trust your lawyer. Look for a lawyer who is experienced in family law, separation, divorce, custody and other aspects of your situation. For example, some spouses co-own businesses and will require a lawyer or firm with experience in these matters. Other qualities such as competence, compatibility and availability are important.


If you and/or your spouse decide to separate, or if you wish to have a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, you will need to retain a lawyer. Your lawyer will likely ask you for:

  • Your ideas for a proposed parenting plan, if applicable
  • Income information for both you and your spouse, including tax returns and paystubs
  • A list of individual and joint assets and liabilities, with supporting documentation
  • A list of your monthly expenses (if spousal support is an issue)

Gathering information early can reduce the time and expense involved in your lawyer having to obtain this information. In addition, gathering information early can also speed up the process of resolving your matter, whether by agreement or through the Courts.


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